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Wavemaker Technology Ltd is following the local guidelines protecting the health and wellbeing of employees, suppliers and customers

Design Services

Fixed Price Contracts
Wavemaker Technology Ltd can offer a contract for all types of projects and timescales. The contract big or small will deliver an extremely competative cost effective solution. Visible management will lead you through clear delierables with defined billing and payment cycles that are agreed at the start of any contract to match your program.

Typical Projects

  • Independent design reviews of RF and mmWave hardware
  • Researching new components and recommending an alternative for obsolete parts and designs
  • Design validation and Prototype testing
  • Provide upgrade strategy in response to changing specifications
  • Solving production design issues and implementing automated testing
  • Subcircuit component design, simulation and definition
  • Full project implementation from concept to manufacture

Wavemaker Technology Ltd has over 40 years design experience and is able to provide all the services you need to achieve a cost effective successful project outcome. We offer an affordable and timely implementation, providing some or all of the expertiese requiered to deliver the final solution. Integral to any project is proposal creation, the design, all the simulation skills needed and project management to progress through agreed project milestones to compleation.

Concept and Design

  • Architecture development and system planning
  • RF and mmWave hardware design
  • Circuit simulation
  • FPGA VHDL RTL coding

Manufacture and Test

  • PCB design and layout
  • Design for manufacture and testability
  • Final test and validation

Prototyping facilities

PCB Tools

PCB assembly and rework equipment

  • Microscope (AmScope)
  • Rework station (Pace)
  • Reflow oven (Qinsi)

Test equipment

Lab equipment

  • Oscilloscope (R&S HMO3004)
  • Spectrum analyser (Anritsu MS2602)
  • Power supply (R&S HMP4040)

Design Tools


Knowledge of all the key design and simulation tools

  • ADS (Keysight)
  • HFSS (Ansys)
  • Microwave studio (CST)
  • Microwave Office (AWR Cadence)


  • FPGA RTL VHDL design software (Xilinx / Vivado)
  • PCB layout design software

P-mod Solutions

Prototyping development PCB
Wavemaker Technology Ltd offer a wide range of P-mod development PCBs and RTL VHDL source code for quick integration into a wide range of Xilinx FPGA device which plug directly into development module like the Digilant Basys3 or Xilinx Spartan SP701 and Zynq UltraScale ES1.

GaN FET Half bridge
A single 3V3 logic input controls a half bridge configuration of two EPC2021 Gallium Nitride FETs. The Pmod PCB incorporates integral GaN drivers and high side power supply. Suitable for prototyping audio class D amplifiers or power supply switchers.

Audio A2D
A Texas Instruments PCM1804 audio analog to digital converter integrated with single ended to differential operational amplifier input buffer. This Pmod is setup to give 24 bit data quality of a four times over sampled audio signal for left and right channels. All converter parameters are selectable as is the interfacing configuration which can be set to I2C or DSP mode.

All pmod devices are £100
Price includes full documentation, VHDL source code and PCB schematics.

Reckoners & Calculators

Atten Pi Network Tee Network
dB R-Series R-Shunt Loss dB R-Series R-Shunt Loss dB
1 5R68201.02 ---
2 103901.98 ---
3 15 270 2.90 101503.17
4 222203.86 111004.02
5 27 1505.17 15914.93
6 391506.14 16626.12
7 391206.85 18517.11
8 471008.16 22478.11
9 561008.81 22398.85
10 689110.05 24339.94
11 758211.01 273010.92
12 918211.97 272412.06
13 1007512.96 302213.08
14 1207513.98 362214.12
15 130 6815.04 331814.79
16 1506815.92 361616.05
17 1806817.09 391516.98
18 2006817.80 361217.93
19 2206219.07 431219.07
20 2406219.68 391019.74
30 7505129.94 ---
Z0 = 50 Ohm

Pi Network= I/P and R-Shunt to Gnd, I/P and R-Series to O/P, O/P and R-Shunt to Gnd.
Tee Network= I/P and R-Series to Star, Star and R-Series to O/P, Star and R-Shunt to Gnd.

Graph of A2D and Jitter
RF Power to Voltage calculator

Enter the RF power P in dBm

Input power dBm:
dBm Power mW Volts RMS Volts Pk
for a sinewave into a 50 Ohm system

Voltage to RF Power calculator

Enter the peak to peak Voltage in Volts

Input Voltage Volts:
Volts Pk Volts RMS Power mW dBm
for a sinewave into a 50 Ohm system

The equations
P(dBm) = 10 log10 P(mW)

P(mW) =10^(P(dBm)/10)
P(mW) = ( VRMS ) ^2 * 10 ^3 /R
VRMS(V) = Sqrt ( P(mW) * R /10^3)
Vp(V) = Sqrt (2) * VRMS

  • Attenuator Pad calculator, this table lists the E24 series resistor values required to make a "Tee" or "Pi" attenuator network. For each integer dB attenuator value in the range 1 to 20dB, the calculated loss is also provided

  • The A2D converter phase noise jitter clock reckoner. A graph of the phase noise required for a given signal to noise ratio and frequency. The plot axies are signal to noise resolution (converter effective number of bits) against the full scale sine wave frequency.

  • Calculator to convert dBm into watts, volts pk to pk and volts RMS

simulation picture
Simulation and Design
Good Design Works
PCB in layout
PCB Layout
Turning Innovation into Reality
Picture of PCB manufact overn
Prototyping and Test
Ensuring Excellence
 some text editors used to write code
Software Development
Collaboration is Key

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